Let Only Service

Our Let Only Service includes: marketing the property, carrying out accompanied viewings, arranging for the inventory to be carried out, carrying out the relevant checks on the potential tenant (including credit checks and referencing) as well as finalizing the tenancy agreement.

Cost: 8% Of Annual Rental Income

Full Management Service

Our full management service includes all of the above services. We will also arrange repair quotes and carry out any servicing upon request. We also provide handling services for keys to the property and we will also carry out 3 routine inspections per annum.

Cost: 11% Of Rental Income

Deposit Protection

As an additional service we can protect the deposit on behalf of landlords. It will provide cover for the landlord under the Housing Act 2004, which makes deposit protection a necessary requirement for all assured short-hold tenancy agreements.

Cost: £75

Check Out Fee

The Check Out Fee covers the unprotecting of the deposit where applicable as well as the disbursing of said deposit to the necessary beneficiaries. We will also provide check out reports to both the tenant and the landlord.

Cost: £50

Rent Collection

As an additional service we can also offer a monthly rental collection service, this will include: professional advice regarding tenancy, getting the best price as well as advice regarding arrears and disputes. We will also pursue outstanding balances as part of the service. This service will also include rent collection.

Cost: 8% Of Rental Income

Court Attendance

This fee is applied in which the landlord requires our services via legal representation. This would provide coverage for both the preparation of the relevant legal documents as well as the time and expertise of a  legal advisor.

Cost: £550


Application Fee

Includes fee coverage for: Contracts, Credit Checks, Referencing, Checking In, and Inventory Checks.

Cost: £0

Contract Renewal Fee

Covers the negotiation of a new contract, including amendments and updates to the current terms.

Cost: £0

Returned Payment Fee

Charged upon the return of a payment request which has been declined by the individual’s bank.

Cost: £0

Additional Tenant Fee

Fee which covers the processing of documents required for each additional tenant in the property.

Cost: £0

Out Of Hour Service

Fee covering the time and services of an agent in order to remedy the actions of a tenant.

Cost: £0

Check Out Fee

Covers an updated schedule of condition and the negotiation of a security deposit repayment.

Cost: £0

Guarantor Fee

Fee for the processing of reference reports, also covers the preparation of a guarantor agreement.

Cost: £0

Lost Key Fee

Fee covers the sourcing of both providers and permissions necessary to acquire a new key. 

Cost: £5 Per Key

Change Of Tenant Fee

Fee which covers the necessary arrangements needed to fulfil a change of tenancy request.

Cost: £50

Fees For Both Landlords and Tenants are inclusive of VAT

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